Monday, July 23, 2012

Opps, time got away!

So, July is upon us and my last blog entry was in March.  What happened, you ask??  Well -
We got to see Martina McBride in Concert in April.

My daughter got all dressed up and went to prom.

She also graduated from high school.  We were very proud of her and she managed to do so a full year early.  
Okay, that took spring, but what about June - 
Well, 10 days of June were spent at Walt Disney World on a Mother/Daughter Birthday/Graduation extravaganza visit.
That's only PART of June and none of July:
June ended with a trip to Freshman Orientation at Western Carolina University.  My Daughter is heading there in a few weeks to major in Forensic Chemistry.   Her brothers (she has 3) have been calling her "Miss Smarty Pants" all summer.

I know, I know - that only takes us to the end of June - What's happened in July - well we've gone shopping for college supplies.
One shopping trip had the kids playing with masks in the toy aisle at Target.
Cat sitting in SC - brought home the BEST SC peaches
July has also been spent cleaning up after many violent thunderstorms.
And last but not least for July - my youngest son had his 15th birthday.

So, we are still going full speed ahead with our summer FLYING by - next up - Marching Band Camp for my youngest son at the High School and then Marching Band Camp for my daughter at Western Carolina University - she's going to be a member of the Pride of the Mountains!

So, that's what's been happening here - just busy, busy, busy.

And that doesn't include time trying Pinterest  projects, spent with family, etc.

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