Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pinterest Success Number Two

I know, I know - 2 blog posts in the same day....what is happening here!!???
 Well, I managed to have another Pinterest Success!!  That's 2 in less than a week. 

Cut a hole in a wine bottle

Several bottles ready for cleaning

Completed project

Pinterest SUCCESS!!

Okay - so time got away from me and here it is December. 

Everyone knows of that new websensation - Pinterest - where people can save all their favorite ideas, recipes, favorite craft projects, etc.  in organized photo boards.  You can then go back and find what inspired you and try to create them.

One of my inspirations was tomato cage light trees for the Christmas holidays to decorate the outside of your house. I took two old tomato cages that we already had and invested in 2- 350 light strands ($10 at Target). 
The cages are placed upside down and anchored in the ground with some u-shaped thick wire.  The tines are gathered and wrapped with a rubber band - one could also use zip ties. 
One on each side of our front stoop and plugged in to a dusk to dawn timer and beautiful.