Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Been a while

Yes my faithful followers - if any are still around - it has been a while.  Life got in the way of my blog.  My daughter graduated from HS a full year early and went off to college.  I volunteered with our local High School band as Band Mom - Uniform Queen - Bandaid carrier, etc.  And my youngest son graduated from HS.  

Yes, life got in the way of keeping this up.  In the mean time, I have decided to take crochet back up and really learn how to attempt this yarn craft.   I tried in my childhood, that was a disaster.  I tried before the age of the internet video tutorial, that was a disaster.  Now I am really 'attempting' via a great site called The Crochet Crowd (and their youtube tutorials), pinterest, and ravelry. 

The picture at the top of all this is of a cap and scarf that I finished just trying to learn new techniques and learning to read patterns. 

To anyone still with me - thanks.  Hope to remember I have this floating out there in web space and keep it updated more.

Oh - and the hat and scarf were created using Caron Simply Soft White and the patterns were found on Yarnspiration.com.