Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yes folks, school started for Eastern NC students.  I did a silent cheer as I rolled over in bed when I heard the front door close on Monday morning.  With that door closing, my morning routine became one of quiet reflection.

My only daughter is now in her second week of classes at her college.  She's been there longer because she joined her school's marching band.  She's and her roommate are getting along thus far and she's loving her classes.  We miss her, but I don't miss the bickering between her and her younger brother.

My youngest son started his sophomore year in high school on Monday.  And while I love spending my summer with my children at home, I do miss my quiet slow mornings.  I miss the time spent waking at my speed and in silent reflection.

My older two, well one is married and he spent his summer working at the grocery near his school because they gave him more hours and his wife was a camp counselor a little over an hour away from him.  So, he wasn't at home except for his sister's HS graduation.  And his twin - well he's working full time and looking for an apartment.  He doesn't play into the summer interruption of my solitude.

So, I am 1 year closer to having an empty 'nest'.  Hubby and I are looking forward to that day.  We can take vacations when WE want to instead of when the school schedule allows.  We can eat cook for just the two of us and can have more variety in our meals.  We will probably do more fresh foods and less boxed meals.

So, school started for us and I am rejoicing that I have my quiet solitude back - at least til 3pm.

What is your favorite part of back to school?

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  1. We haven't started school here. We start Sept. 4th. Never before Labor Day. I wish I knew what the empty nest was. My kids are all out of school, but you know me, raising the granddaughter! I actully wouldn't trade it for the world, no matter how tired I'm getting!!
    Wishing you all a great school year!