Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 26 - Challenge

Today's challenge is to blog about your dream wedding.

While I did not have a big white dress and walk down the church aisle a vestal virgin, I did marry the man of my dreams 22 years ago.  On June 28th, 1989; George and I met at the Spartanburg County  Probate court offices and said our vows with Judge Ray Eubanks officiating.
August 4, 1989 found us at Second Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg renewing our vows and having our rings blessed in front of friends and family.

Dream weddings are pipe dreams of little girls as they play with their Barbie dolls.  Looking back, I had my dream wedding.  I married the man that I loved and love more today than I did 22 years ago when we first said our vows.  I was surrounded by family and friends when we renewed our vows to placate a family member.  And 22 years later, do I look back and wish I had the big white dress and big fancy wedding with all the bells and whistles, nope I sure don't.  Instead, I am looking forward to celebrating 22 years of love, companionship, friendship, and growing old with my husband.

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