Saturday, May 21, 2011

Haven't found

A 30 day blog challenge yet. Most of the ones I have found are for specific subjects like beauty products, etc. And I just cannot get into those types of challenges.

So right now, I'll talk about the book I'm reading now. I picked it up on the sales tables at Books A Million. Harry Turtledove's "Opening Atlantis. So far, not too bad. The premise - there is an Island between England and Terranova (Think America) and it is uninhabited. Several groups of English, French, and others bring a few ships of people and inhabit the land. Opening Atlantis is the first book in the trilogy.

I am also reading Jailbird by Heather Huffman on my Nook. It's the second book of hers that I have downloaded on to my Nook. And I must say, they have been wonderful books. I lucked into them as free downloads. But having read almost 2, I'd pay for any others in the future.

Well, happy reading everyone. And being that it is after 9pm here on the East Coast on Saturday May 21st, the big assumption is that once again - the crazy man is off his mark and rapture didn't occur.

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