Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What’s the point of life? Define a great life.

This is the question of the challenge on Day 5.

So what is the point of life?? Well, to live of course. To be, to exist, to enjoy, to laugh, to learn, to love, to see, to hear, to taste, to touch, to feel, to hurt, to cry, to anger; it is all part of life.

A great life: that's one that has been lived to the best of the person's ability. One where there has been great love, great sorrow, great disappointment, great laughter. One that has been lived with the purpose that God has give us.

I think that thus far, I have had a great life. I have found a great love. Together we have created life in our 4 children and they are living now in their journey towards a great life. I have had great sorrow, but have grown from that sorrow and continued on in the journey of life that we are all on.

Is your life a great life? If you cannot answer yes, maybe it is time for a change.  And I wish you luck with your journey.

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