Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ooops, Time got away

Here it is, almost the end of Janaury, and I've not written on here since November. Not good. What have I been up to?? Well since I last posted, Thanksgiving, Holiday Band concerts, Christmas holidays, Course Finals for my two high schoolers, and even finding a lost dog's owners. I've also continued my quest to find craft projects to keep myself busy.
This is my latest wine bottle creation. It is a 'hydroponic' planter. Mine has a few basil seeds in it. I'll post more photos when I have some sprouts. I've also found another 30 day blog, starting tomorrow, I'll be answering another 30 questions. I'm still just a housewife looking for ways to keep my sanity in check as my house gets quieter and quieter.

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