Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fears and Phobias

↑Neuse River Bridge, NC
↓Emerald Isle Bridge, NC

What is your phobia/fear? Tall, Long Bridges over water are a big irrational fear of mine. I also have a fear of heights. But it isn't encountered as often as the bridge fear being that I live where I close to the NC Coast- the bridges I've pictured are the Neuse River Bridge here in New Bern. The quickest way to Bridgeton is over that bridge. And the one below, is the bridge into Emerald Isle - not a long bridge, but a tall bridge with only one lane per direction.

I know, it is an irrational fear, but it is a fear of mine. I will drive over bridges such as this one if I have to, but if I can find an alternate route I will. Last spring, I went to Williamsburg, VA for a great weekend with a friend and drove some back roads so I could avoid the Hampton Roads Bridge/Tunnel. I took a Ferry instead. Going down to The Isle Of Palms, SC last March for a mother of twins convention found me driving deserted back roads to avoid the bridges. 

I also have a fear of heights, but with a few steps backwards can usually fight that one.

So,what fears or phobias do you have?  Are you afraid of spiders, snakes, thunderstorms, grass on bare skin??  Think about it, it is rational or not. And when you do, imagine me driving over my bridges - knuckles white as I have a death grip on the steering wheel - breathing slowly in and out - and if I am alone - Singing at the TOP of my LUNGS to anything on the radio.

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