Thursday, February 9, 2012

So, what is today's blog challenge??

What do you dislike the most about yourself?  This is the question to be answered today - 

I dislike my quick temper.  I snap, I scream, I know I have a temper and it can be bad.  I have tried to work on it and some days my tongue hurts from biting it.  

So, if you look at yourself, what do you dislike?  That's usually easier to answer than the question - What do you like about yourself.  It is much easier to criticize oneself than to complement.  You don't want to come across as conceited when figuring out what you like about yourself, but know that there is no way to come across as conceited when criticizing.  

So take a minute today, go look in your mirror, smile at yourself and find one thing that you DO like about yourself.  If could be as simple as liking that tiny freckle that is 2 inches below your right eye towards your ear. Just find something, I guarantee it will make you feel better.

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