Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15 facts about me

15 Interesting facts about me :
1 - I play the piano, but only for myself.
2 - I play the bassoon, but have never practiced as much as I should.
3 - I do not remember a time when I did not have freckles.
4 - My husband perturbed me the first day I met him.
5 - I have been married longer than I was single.
6 - I love to read.
7 - I love taking photographs.
8 - I have decided that I have no patience for idiots as I get older.
9 - I love getting older as that means that I have survived another year.
10 - I am the mother to fraternal twin boys.
11 - I am the mother to four children.
12 - I cannot stand being cold.
13 - I don't mind watching sports, but only with my husband.
14 - I hate when my children get their hearts broken because there is nothing a mother can do to put it back together.
15 - My favorite Disney character is Thumper - the hyperactive bunny.

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