Monday, April 25, 2011

How have I Changed?

The task for today is to post a picture of yourself from a year ago and explain how you have changed.  Well, there isn't quite as much of me but not by much.  I have longer hair, it is on my shoulders now.  That time last year I wasn't a mother-in-law, I now am.  Fundamentally though, I am still the same person.  I still love my husband, more every day.  I still love my 4 children, we've just added another family member with a new daughter-in-law.  
So,  back to the original question, How have I changed?  I really haven't.  I still am afraid to drive over tall bridges.  I still try to fill my time up now that the children are growing older and moving out.  I still read as much as I can.  I still love to roast marshmellows over the firepit with my family laughing as mine light on fire.
So, how have YOU changed in a year?

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