Monday, April 18, 2011

Favorite Movies

Day 7 of my blog challenge is to write about favorite movies.  My absolute favorite movie is an OLD movie - "Harvey".  It has my favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart, and in the movie he, and only he, sees a Pooka named Harvey.  Harvey is a tall invisible rabbit.  The antics that ensue during the movie are wonderful.  This is my go to, feel good, movie.  
For a good cry, I tend to movies like "Steel Magnolias".  Every so often a gal needs a good head clearing cry.  "Toy Story 3" is also good for that and "Bambi" gets me every time.
For a good laugh, "Galaxy Quest", "Blazing Saddles", "The Muppet Movie" are my go to movies.  

When my house is clean (easier to do with older children) and I've read as much as I can; I go to Netflix online or to a Netflix DVD that's come in the mail.  I'll even peruse the DVDs that we have in our personal collection.  Movies allow a person to immerse themselves into a world that isn't their own.  They allow for emotions to be released without someone asking "Why are you crying?".  You can be the princess that finds her prince in a frog, you can be the hero that rescues the weak, you can be the brainiac that tames the beast, you can be the fastest runner and win the race, you can get out of your own head for a while.  

So if you think that those of us that love to watch movies are a bit strange, go ahead and think that as we escape out ourselves for a couple of hours.  When we come back at the end of the movie, we know we are back to real life, but can live it a bit better for having left for a bit.

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