Friday, April 15, 2011

My Parents

So, today's topic is my parents.  Many of those who are graciously read my blog know about what happened to my parents.  But for those who do not - I'll start there and then go back to their beginning. 
On May 16, 2003; a gunman took my parents life during a bank robbery in Greer, SC.  The link will take you to an article about the incident.  I'd personally rather not dwell on how they died, but instead on how they lived.

My parents met at King College in Bristol, TN.  My father was a majoring in physics and my mother had just started her freshman year.  She went to a Halloween party on campus that my father was also attended and came away from that knowing that that was the man she was going to marry.  And August 27, 1965 with her father and uncle officiating; she and my father married.  

Thus began what I think is the greatest love story.  They were very rarely apart.  My parents truly and genuinely enjoyed each other.  My parents taught myself, along with my 2 younger siblings, how to love, how to be in a healthy relationship, how to argue, how to make up, how to be wonderful parents, how to grow old together.  

My father was a college professor and my mother spent all of my childhood years at home and did not go to work full time until my youngest sister was in her last two years of high school.  She did however run her own business while we were growing up.  We would spend many of our weekends doing craft shows for my mother's hand weaving business.  

My parents were extremely involved in our lives.  Dad was our soccer coach, band bus driver, band club president, etc.  Mom was the band mom, would do weaving and spinning demonstrations for our classes, was den leader, etc.   Because they were always available and always present, at no time did we ever feel neglected or unloved.

As life continues after their death, my brother, sister and I honor our parents and what they did for us by being the best spouses and parents after their example.  We miss them every day, but know that by continuing living in their example we always have them surrounding us.

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