Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Love

So, I have chosen to do a 30 day blog challenge and day three's assignment is to blog about your first love.  To me, this is extremely subjective.  My first absolute love, books.  Yes, I said books - for those that personally know me - I know they were half expecting my husband's name to be put there.  But I have always read, I love to read, I CONSUME books.  My first love, as in the boy that captured my heart, would be Daniel McXXXXX.  We were in Kindergarten together in Sylva, NC many, many, many years ago and at 5 years old we were completely and totally in love, as much so as 5 year old can be.  My first true love, that would be my husband.  We met after I had broken up with a long term boyfriend that I had kept dating because it was "habit".  I finally got tired of the "habit" and broke it off. 
Me being the band geek that I was met my husband during a state band weekend at Furman University. I was a senior and he was a sophomore. It was not love at first site, but it was a slow, deep fall.  That was 24 years ago.  Not quite 22 years ago, we got married and haven't looked back since.  Yes, we have had our troubles, but our joys have far outweighed the troubles.  George is my first true love, always will be and I so look forward to our children finding what we have, a true love that stands the test of time.  

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